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Clifford F. Lynch is principal, C. F. Lynch & Associates, a logistics management advisory service located in Memphis, Tennessee. He has over 45 years' experience in logistics and 35 in the kitchen.


More than 33,000,000 Americans have no need for a cookbook since they are either hungry or unsure of where they will find their next meal. Through its network of local food banks, America’s Second Harvest provides relief to over 20,000,000 men, women and children annually. You can help in this effort by supporting the food bank in your area.

A portion of the proceeds from this book is being donated to The Food Bank of Memphis, Tennessee..


(An Oxymoron)

Frequently asked questions:

What ever possessed you to write a cookbook?

Those who know me personally will assume I have finally lost it; others who don't know me will simply be confused, and a third group will be trying to figure out what oxymoron* means. Mostly, I did it for fun, but also to share some honest-to-goodness, real recipes I have prepared and enjoyed over the years, as well as some other contributions. (If I recoup the cost of the printing, that would be good, as well.)

*Oxymoron: a combination of contradictory words, such as gourmet logistician.

Where did the recipes come from?

Many are original or variations of others, some are from friends and family, and still others came from published sources. Where I knew the source, I have indicated it; but many of the recipes have been passed through a number of cooks, each of whom added their own nuances. Heaven only knows where they originated! All are legitimate, however, and every one has been tested. Those recipes I have tried and did not like, I did not include.

What does cooking have to do with logistics?

Absolutely nothing! Those of us who have been in the industry for a while, however, will remember the old-line traffic manager, predecessor to today's logistics manager. Mostly male, those guys did not get to looking the way they did by backing away from good food and drink. Some of us have done all we could to carry on the tradition.

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