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Logistics Outsourcing : A Management Guide, 2nd Edition 
Copyright 2004 CFL Publishing.
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"Dear Santa," DC Velocity, December, 2011.

"Are You Certifiable?" DC Velocity, November, 2011.

"Coming to Terms," DC Velocity, October, 2011. 

"The State of Logistics - Behind the Numbers," DC Velocity, June, 2011.

"An Ounce of Prevention," DC Velocity, June, 2011.

"Show Me the Money," DC Velocity, March, 2011.

"Are You Certifiable?" WERC, January, 2011.

"Dear Santa,"  DC Velocity, December, 2010.

"Be All That You Can Be," DC Velocity, October, 2010.

"An LSP's Bill of Rights (and Obligations)," DC Velocity, September, 2010.

"The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow," CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly, 2010 Special Issue.

"Pipelines:  The Oil Industry's 'Safe Mode'," DC Velocity, August, 2010.

"Finally, A Plan," DC Velocity, July, 2010.

"Inland Waterways Face Infrastructure Crisis of Their Own," DC Velocity, June, 2010.

"'Incoterms' One of the Most Valuable Tools of the (Foreign) Trade," DC Velocity, May, 2010.

"Top 10 Logistics Challenges for 2010 (and Beyond)," DC Velocity, April, 2010.

"Interest in Fleet Ownership Holding Steady," DC Velocity, January, 2010.

"Cliff Lynch's Annual Letter to Santa," DC Velocity, December, 2009.

"When 10 + 2 Doesn't Equal 12,'" DC Velocity, November, 2009.

"NAFTA's Never-ending Story," DC Velocity, October, 2009.

"Green, Green, Green, They Say," DC Velocity, September, 2009.

"Vested Interests," DC Velocity, August, 2009.

"Look Before You Leap:  Important Factors in Selecting a Technology Outsourcing Partner," Logistics Viewpoints, ARC Advisory Group, August 4, 2009.

"Hope Springs Eternal," DC Velocity, July, 2009.

"1870 Redux?," DC Velocity, June, 2009.

"The Road Less Stimulated," DC Velocity, April, 2009.

"Norfolk Southern Should Be Embraced, Not Rebuffed," Memphis Daily News, March 18, 2009.

"The Year of the Ox," DC Velocity, March, 2009.

"Show Me the Money," DC Velocity, February, 2009.

"Think Grey," Hub, Winter 2009.

"The Seven Deadly Sins of Supply Chain Crisis Management," DC Velocity, January, 2009.

"My Annual Letter to Santa Claus," DC Velocity, December, 2008.

"Going for Broke," DC Velocity, November, 2008.

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow...," DC Velocity, October, 2008.

"Oh, Congress, Where Art Thou?," DC Velocity, September, 2008.

"Old Concept, New Justification," DC Velocity, August, 2008.

"A Step Backward?," DC Velocity, July, 2008.

"We're Over a Barrel Here!," DC Velocity, June, 2008.

"Global Outsourcing's Midlife Crisis," DC Velocity, May, 2008.

"In Search of Best Practices," DC Velocity, April, 2008.

"The Road to Nowhere," DC Velocity, March, 2008.

"Who's Fueling Who?," DC Velocity, February, 2008.

"Wanted:  Relationship Managers," DC Velocity, January, 2008.

"My Annual Letter to Santa Claus," DC Velocity, December, 2007.

"Get Over It!," DC Velocity, November, 2007.

"Getting It Back," DC Velocity, October, 2007.

"Why Not Play It Safe?," DC Velocity, September, 2007.

"The New Face of Outsourcing," DC Velocity, August, 2007.

"Finally!," DC Velocity, July, 2007.

"Why Shippers Can't Afford NOT to Convert Their Private Fleets - Dashing the myths that cost companies time and money.," Logistics Quarterly, June/July, 2007.

"Prince Rupert Terminal Could Transform Memphis into Global Logistics Hub," Memphis Business Journal, June 22, 2007.

"¿Que Pasa?" DC Velocity, June, 2007.

"Want to Buy Some Pork Bellies?," DC Velocity, May, 2007.

The Role of Outsourcing in the Retail Supply Chain, CFL Publishing, 2007.

"Extra, Extra, Read All About It!," DC Velocity, April, 2007.

"It's Not Easy Being Green," DC Velocity, March, 2007.

"The Crack in the Pavement," DC Velocity, February, 2007.

"Help Wanted!," DC Velocity, January, 2007.

"Letter to Santa," DC Velocity, December 2006.

"Logistics Outsourcing," Chapter 22, Global Supply Chain Management, with Theodore P. Stank and Shay Scott, Sage Publications, 2007.

"The Perfect Storm's Dark Aftermath," DC Velocity, November 2006.

"Less Can Be More," DC Velocity, October 2006.

"Is Intermodal Too Darn Hot?," DC Velocity, September 2006.

"Beyond the Numbers," DC Velocity, August 2006.

"Choosing a Partner,"  DC Velocity, July 2006.

"They're Back...," DC Velocity, June 2006.

"If You Want It Done Right...," DC Velocity, May 2006.

"Dubai or Not Dubai?," DC Velocity, April 2006.

"The Lean, Mean Supply Chain Machine,"  DC Velocity, March 2006.

The Role of Freight Bill Payment and Transportation Management Information in the Supply Chain Industry, with J. Kenneth Hazen, February 2006.

The Tao of Supply Chain Management, February 2006.

"Breaking Up Is Hard to Do," DC Velocity, February 2006.

"It's Greek to Me," DC Velocity, January 2006.

"Stake Your Claim," DC Velocity, December 2005.

"The South Shall Rise Again," DC Velocity, November 2005.

"Oink, Oink?," DC Velocity, October 2005.

"The Goods Without a Country," DC Velocity, September 2005.

"The Weakest Link," DC Velocity, August 2005.

"The 21st Century Supply Chain - A Study in Complexity," Eye-For-Transport, August 2005.

"Name Your Terms," DC Velocity, July 2005.

"What's In a Name?," DC Velocity, June 2005.

"Leveraging the Power of Networks for Optimal Supply Chain Efficiencies," Logistics Quarterly, May 2005.

"Taming the Tiger," DC Velocity, May 2005.

"Cutting TMS Down to Size," DC Velocity, April 2005.

"The Year of Living Cooperatively," DC Velocity, February 2005.

"No Truck Left Behind," DC Velocity, January 2005.

"Thinking Inside the DC Box," DC Velocity, December 2004.

"Can We Please Buy a Vowel?," DC Velocity, November 2004.

"Managing the Outsourcing Relationship," CLM Presentation, Fall 2004.

"Why Outsource?," Supply Chain Management Review, October 2004.

"Does Size Really Matter?," DC Velocity, October 2004.

"Déjà Vu All Over Again," DC Velocity, September 2004.

"The Not-So-Perfect Storm," DC Velocity, August 2004.

"Go Global or Get Out of the Way," DC Velocity, July 2004.

"Go For Broke(r)," DC Velocity, June 2004.

"Site Search," DC Velocity, May 2004.

"Set the Standards," DC Velocity, April 2004.

"Not a Second Time," DC Velocity, March 2004.

"The Case for Term Limits," DC Velocity, February 2004.

"Take the Credit," DC Velocity, January 2004.

"RFID-ological Differences," DC Velocity, December 2003.

"Watch the Clock," DC Velocity, November 2003.

"Turkeys in the Straw," DC Velocity, October 2003.

"Get the Lead Out," DC Velocity, September 2003.

"Treat Your Truckers Well," DC Velocity, August 2003.

"Professional Courtesy:  Oxymoron?" Traffic World, July 28, 2003.

"Let's Get This (Third) Party Started," DC Velocity, June 2003.

"How Secure Is Your DC?," DC Velocity, April 2003.

"Practice Financial Responsibility in Outsourcing Logistics Needs," Memphis Business Journal, April 4 - 10, 2003.

"Moving or Storage?," DC Velocity, March 2003.

"No Desperate Measures," DC Velocity, January 2003.

"Leaders of the (3PL) Pack," Traffic World, January 20, 2003.

"Decide Where the Buck Stops," Logistics Management, August 2002.

"Outsourcing 2002," Logistics Management,  June 2002.

"Make Sure Third Parties Are Financially Sound," Logistics Management, May 2002.

"Price vs. Value:  The Outsourcing Conundrum," Logistics Management, February 2002.

"Developing a Strategy for Outsourcing," Logistics Management & Distribution Report, June 2001.

"Be a Good Partner," Logistics Management & Distribution Report, April 2001.

"Back to Basics," Transportation & Distribution, July 2000.

"10 Steps to Outsourcing Success," Inbound Logistics, October 1999.

"Leadership in Logistics," Journal of Business Logistics, Vol. 19, No.2, 1998.

"Users: Examine These Outsourcing Concerns," Transportation & Distribution, November 1997.

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