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Clifford F. Lynch of C. F. Lynch & Associates has several decades of experience in the supply chain industry and is a recognized expert on outsourcing and other aspects of the supply chain.  Along with his associates, he is well qualified to provide advisory services for most supply chain issues.

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Get the new, updated edition of Logistics Outsourcing A Management Guide. This second edition discusses everything you need to know about managing an outsourcing relationship.



The Role of Outsourcing in the Retail Supply Chain

This 56-page research booklet, sponsored by UTi, is intended to promote a better understanding of the retail logistics service provider and the contribution it can make to the retail supply chain.

To receive your free copy, contact Cliff Lynch at cliff@cflynch.com or Elijah Ray at eray@go2uti.com






Perfect as a gift or as a personal reminder of essential points, The Tao of Supply Chain Management is filled with easy-to-remember one-liners for anyone involved with the intricacies of the supply chain.





The Role of Transportation in the Supply Chain

Steeped in history and invention, transportation is the most fascinating and critical element of the supply chain.  For the student this book will give a sound basis for the role transportation holds in the supply chain and our economy.  For the practitioner it is hoped the book will fill any voids and be a reminder of the crucial part transportation plays.

To obtain your copy, go to www.ctsi-global.com or contact Misty Farmer at mistyf@ctsi-global.com.





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